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With the lights out, it's more dangerous

29 October
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nycnoir bio:

Name: Vito Marchese

Age: 32

Gender: Male

PB/Description: [PB: Johnny Depp] Vito is six feet tall, two hundred pounds. He tends to wear dark, solid colors while on the clock or off.

Occupation: Detective Third Grade, homicide. Vito has been on the force for eight years and has been a detective for five. His caseload so far has been pretty unexceptional, mostly resolved, a few gone to cold-case. He gets along well with his captain and as far as anyone knows, he's an honest cop. He recently helped a serial-murder case involving a doctor named Nick Browning who had killed several women, and the perpetrator, who Vito apprehended personally, is currently in Sing Sing serving four consecutive life sentences. He works for the 20th precinct, near the neighborhood where he grew up.

Personality: Vito is outgoing and friendly. He tends to make friends quickly, and has many contacts throughout the city. He smokes and drinks coffee excessively and only rarely drinks alcohol. He keeps a few books on his office desk: currently these are The Art of War, The Black Dahlia, and the Batman: Year One graphic novel.

History: Son of a grocer, Vito grew up in a cluttered brownstone on the Upper West Side and studied humanities at Fordham before dropping out and joining the NYPD. He did well at the academy and he worked in Brooklyn and Staten Island before transferring to his home turf two years ago. He maintains contact with several people affected by cases he's worked. There are rumors that his family is involved in shady business dealings, including possible Mafia connections, but Vito laughs off any such allegations. He doesn't date frequently or for long, as he's had very bad luck in past relationships.